Guide to events at Voss

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Rainbow at Voss

Guide to events at Voss

Among a vast variety of activities and scenic routes, there are also many traditions in Voss to explore. Depending on when you travel to this beautiful part of Norway, you will also have the chance to experience these great events in person.

If you don’t get to visit Voss at these specific times please do check out our guide on Activities around Voss and, Guide to trips from Voss, to ensure you get maximum value on your trip.

Vossa Jazz

The festival is known for being innovative and has for many years presented the Tingingsverket and other new projects. The musical profile is about jazz, folk music, and world music. Badnajazz, the youth initiative Yngdajazz, Eldrejazz, and Superjazz for people with disabilities are all important elements in the festival. Read more at Vossa Jazz.

Voss Cup

The Voss Cup was first held in 1991. It started as a pure grass court tournament and 93 teams participated in the first year.

The Voss Cup has since increased steadily and is today the largest children’s tournament in Norway. Around 700 teams with approx. 7,000 participants in the form of players, coaches, and team leaders.  During the Vossa Cup weekend, the population is more than doubled. Book your cabin early. Read more at Voss Cup.


Ekstremsportveko is the largest extreme sports festival in the world and is hosted every year in Voss. Competitions in kayaking, rafting, Mtb, skateboarding, skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, big air, climbing, cliff diving, wind tunnel, and longboarding are amongst the activities this week. For one whole week, national and international athletes compete and challenge themselves in the elements. However, competitions are not always the main focus for the athletes. The sharing of knowledge, when hundreds of top athletes are gathering this last week of June, is just as important. Accommodations are scarce to come around at this time so book early. Read more at Ekstremsportveko. You can also read more about other activities in Voss here.