Cultural guide to Voss

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Cultural guide to Voss

In the last five hundred years, Voss has changed a lot. The big turning point came with the train “Vossabanen” in 1883.

In recent decades, change has come from the outside. Environments like jazz and extreme sports have been important to our town. Voss has become a very diverse town. For many years, activity suppliers have worked purposefully to offer guests a variety of activities and experiences in Voss. Our town is known for many things: the winter destination, the medal town, the extreme sports capital, and our beautiful nature and unique culture.

There is a lot to see and do at Voss. You can look at street art in town, go to exhibitions or join an art walk. You can experience old culture and history at the old farms dating back to the Viking age. The Voss culture also consists of extreme sports and festivals, hikes with or without skis, the gondola, and last but not least local food and shopping in the city center. Experience the Voss culture!

Outside the obvious experience of nature, fantastic views, hiking, and sports activities you will find a vast variety of history, galleries, museums, and also gastronomical experiences. You can follow our other guides for activities and trips on the links.


The banqueting hall, built in 1295, is a national monument and Norway’s oldest wooden nonecclesiastical building.

Finnesloftet is situated along Finnesvegen, approximately 15 minutes on foot from Voss town center, west of Voss Station. In June and July, Finnesloftet is open for guided tours several days a week, and concerts are held.

Contact Voss Hostel for more information.

Bergslitræet in Prestegardsmoen

Birthplace and childhood home of the artist brothers Knud and Brynjulf Bergslien. Knud Bergslien was a painter and is best known for his historical painting “Skiing Birchlegs Crossing the Mountain with the Royal Child” from 1869. Brynjulf Bergslien was a sculptor, best known for the bronze statue of King Karl Johan in front of The Royal Palace in Oslo (unveiled in 1875).

Bergslitræet is part of the Bergslien Track and has a museum, a café, and a museum shop.

Cheesetasting and fjordcruise to Fjærland

This is a 2-day tour and will take you to Vik for cheese tasting and a visit to the glacier village and Fjærland, along with other popular attractions. 

The trip starts with a bus from Voss towards Vik. On the trip, you will pass Vikafjellet, through fantastic landscapes.  And you will get to see a stave church, the charming village Fjærland, the Norwegian Glacier Museum, and the Bøyabreen which is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. You will also get to see the Tvindefossen on your return ride.

Vangskyrkja (Voss Chruch)

The large long stone church, with its small park around, is centrally located on Vossevangen – with 1.4–2.25 m thick walls. The church was extensively restored in the 1870s, including with larger windows, and only the stone altar is left of the medieval furniture. The long church is built in Romanesque and early Gothic style, the altarpiece is a rebuilt and adapted Gothic altarpiece, made by Elias Figenschoug in 1642. The pulpit is from 1670 and the stained glass windows are from 1923. Luckily it was saved from the bombings during the 2nd World War.

The church is open weekdays in June, July, and August, with opportunities for guided tours.

Hangurstoppen Restaurant

Great views and locally produced food at the top station of Voss Gondol!
Hangurstoppen Restaurant is, with its seating capacity of 450 people and two floors, Voss’ largest restaurant and aprés ski. Here, you can enjoy homemade meals, based on local ingredients from several farms in and around Voss. The menu is based on simple and rustic, combined with great flavors.


Smalahovetunet, a family-run business, produces and serves the local traditional dish “sheepshead”. Sheep’s head, called “Smalahove” in Norwegian, is one of the oldest local traditional dishes from Voss. In the later years, this has become a festive meal and is known all over the country. 

They also make a lot of other traditional Norwegian meat products, such as ribs of lamb.

Smalahovetunet even has a farm building from the 1700s, where you can be served smalahove and other traditional dishes on request. 

Read more and book at Smalahovetunet.

Voss Folk Museum (Mølstertunet)

Voss Folkemuseum’s purpose is to preserve items of historic interest from Voss and the surrounding area.

The buildings stand today where they have always stood, and nothing has been added or removed. The buildings, therefore, give a genuine impression of the working and living conditions which have developed over the centuries.

The oldest building is a log house, believed to be from about 1500.